Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Waddle

It's official. I am waddling. Really, I only have a few more weeks to go, so I should have anticipated this day, but I have felt so good during this pregnancy that I thought it would just last forever! My days of gracefully walking around the block are over - now I will have drivers slowing to check if I am in labor or if I need a ride. I also had to take my rings off today - that was a chore! Lots of cream and elbow grease, so I'm glad I did it today otherwise they would have had to be cut off!

The plan for the day is to have Peanut hang out with our babysitter/mother's helper while we finish projects up around the house. We've got plenty to do, and now that the house is sparkling clean it feels like there is some inspiration to complete these unfinished details. We always start with a huge list though and realize halfway through the day that we will never get it all done. Oh well. We do have a few more weekends, and my nesting instinct should kick in hard soon!

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