Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mommy Stress

Peanut has started taking a little music class, and we have gone to three classes so far. The kids are 1-5 years old so there is a big spread of age and ability, and the class is pretty short (30 minutes). The teacher does lots of different things with singing, instruments, movement, drama and it all seems fun for the kids. Now I know my Peanut, and she takes a bit to get warmed up to things like this. We have taken one other class before - sort of an open gym - and by the last few classes she was really getting into it. Now we are three classes into this thing and my little one is the only one who runs circles around the room and around me while the other kids are all sitting and mostly following along! She does come back when there is something she is interested in, but mainly, she runs. There's a part of me (OK, the part with the masters degree in child development) that knows not to expect a two year old to sit quietly and follow directions, but there's another part of me (the mommy me) that knows the other moms are watching me and thinking "why doesn't she pull her kid back in?". I think since I am hugely pregnant I am being cut some slack here, but I do feel like I am supposed to be reining her in more. But she is a wild woman and I like that about Peanut!

I had no idea how much stress can occur about what other mommies think of my parenting and my kid! Learning for us is happening all the time and the best way to learn is by fostering what a child likes to do and being there to support her in her exploration. Sometimes though, I do feel like there is a little structure missing from our learning that other families seem to have tied up nicely. Oh well, she's a sweet, loving, curious, impish, two year old - what are you gonna do?

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