Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thinking I am Being "SO GOOD"

So this pregnancy I have been able to anticipate the issues I had last time and start dealing with them early which has made a HUGE difference in how I feel. I started with an osteopath and chiropractor to ensure my pelvis and hips stay aligned (not quite together, but at least next to each other this time) which has kept me way more active. I have been exercising and eating well, taking my vitamins and drinking lots of water. I'm doing my prenatal exercises, sitting the right way to keep this baby turned correctly...you name it, I am probably doing it. I have felt great!

Last week, when I went in for my midwife appointment, I had LOST 2 pounds and was measuring small. You'd think - what pregnant chick doesn't want that at 9 months?! Right? Well, it turns out that they get worried about that because then the baby could be in too little fluid or not getting enough nutrition, or whatever. So they set me up for an ultrasound to check it out, but I couldn't get in for almost a week. So what to do in the meantime. Well, I am an idiot and go on the web and do a search and find out all of the worst case scenarios and totally stress myself out. Even though I don't really think there is anything wrong, I stress. Then, I got so annoyed that taking such good care of myself had still got me into a worry situation, that I had Honey go out and get ice cream and I have been having some every night. So HAH!

OK, maybe a little immature. Anyway - we had the ultrasound this morning, and everything is fine. Of course, it took us almost an hour and a half to get to Fairfax from here (should be 30 minutes tops) and my blood pressure was so high by the time we got there I'm surprised the baby wasn't bouncing around in there yelling at the drivers. But baby was calm and happy, hanging out in there with his/her foot well into my ribs. See you soon baby!

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