Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Views!

So we took the plunge and have ordered windows for the rest of our house. We realized based on how nice they looked as they were going in that we would need to do some more - the front windows at least. Over the first week we had them in though, we noticed that Peanut's room is now the same temperature as the rest of the house when we open her door to check on her before bed each night! What a concept! It used to be at least a few degrees colder in there until the air circulated once the door was opened. That was what sold us on all of them.

The measuring guy from Andersen came this morning at a little after 6am. I remember I used to start work that early - I did four days a week from 6-4:30 I think. It is hard to imagine now - I missed my workout and was barely showered by the time the guy got here. How is it possible that I could be clean, dressed and ready AND drive almost an hour and be there by 6???

So, now I am catching up on things since I am up and Peanut is not yet....oh wait - I think I hear a little voice upstairs! Ah, now I hear daddy getting her up and dressed.

I did our hospital registration this morning online - what did we do before everything was online? I just don't even remember it. I was lamenting my size to Honey the other day, and said - "I wasn't this big last time at 4-5 months was I?" and he patiently reminded me that at 24 weeks, I am actually 6 months pregnant. Hmmmmm. Made me feel better, but also made me realize how time is flying!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oh the Girl Scouts got the best of us!

So we are really trying to take care of ourselves, eat well, and avoid chemicals and processed foods, especially after our forced processed food binge during the kitchen renovation. Honey and I have both been working hard at reading labels and being more cognizant of what we eat. We rid the cabinets of everything with high fructose corn syrup (or the same thing by any other name) a year or so ago at least, and have tried to attack other bad stuff along the way.

Well, after all our hard work, our babysitter brought over the several boxes of girl scout cookies we ordered (and promptly forgot about) several months ago. Every year, I just forget how addictive these things are! One serving becomes one sleeve of cookies in no time flat! And ingredients - who cares???!!!! Those thin mints could be buried so deep in the freezer that we would need an ice pick to get them out and I would drive to the hardware store to buy one for just that purpose.

Every year, I try to buy less of them, but I have a policy that if the Girl Scout herself can sell me on them then I will buy. I don't do the "mom brought the form to work" thing - on no. You, the scout, must tell me why I should buy them, where the money goes, and make recommendations about which are the cookies I should purchase. Isn't that the purpose? Developing responsibility, communication skills, understanding the interconnections between your actions and the end results???? The poor kids who come to my door. They have no idea what they are in for. I know I got this from my dad - he would put every salesman who cold called our house through the paces, even though he was not going to but what they were selling. Then he would critique their performance!

Well, once they are gone they are gone. Like Cadbury creme eggs - which come to think of it - those should be showing up pretty soon too....Oh I need a game plan to deal with those!

Friday, February 6, 2009


So I came home the other day and there was a guy working on the front of the house. I couldn't figure out what was going on - we had no scheduled work set up, so I was perplexed. Well, it turns out, that we had just set up roofing work and new shutters two days before, and our shutters were in stock, so they just installed them! I had a message on my machine when I went in, but what a nice surprise!

We had about 10 estimates for the roofing and shutters and initially had a hard time finding roofers who would give us an estimate for the repair vs. doing the whole roof. We also had a run of people who came over but never sent an estimate. In this economy I think that's a little stupid frankly. We finally decided upon a company to do both, and apparently we made a good choice - they are fast and efficient!

I just noticed today that our roofing materials are on top of our garage - i didn't notice them before so I am assuming they came today. The sunroom roof and the tie in to the main house will be re-roofed tomorrow, and our dining room ceiling will be leak free!

Meanwhile, i am thinking about the spring and have started planting seeds. The peppers are first to plant as they need a good 8-10 weeks of indoor time before we can move the transplants outside. I also planted stevia, which is a natural sweetener. This is a first for me so I am curious to see how it turns out. It is supposed to be warm this weekend, so I know i will be chomping at the bit too get the veggie and herb gardens planned out. It i s like a sickness - gardening brings such joy and work, and is so satisfying, but in the months where you feel like you can't do anything towards the garden, it is really hard to not get antsy!

I'd like to have some herbs and flowers in the front yard, and maybe a little culinary herb garden in the back by the deck. The main veggie garden will go on the side of the yard. I am concerned about the deer and other critters, but we will deal with that hurdle as it gets warm enough to dig to put in posts and fences.

Inside, we are still lacking a completed bathroom, so that is on my list of priorities. We've cut the countertop for the hall bath upstairs, but still need to cut the sink opening. I'm hoping to get that in this weekend, and then we can do the medicine cabinet and lights in there as well. A coat of paint and we will be close. At least it will look more complete!

On a completely different note, we have signed up for hypnobirthing classes which start in a few weeks. When Peanut was born, we did Bradley class and really learned a lot about childbirth and how things were supposed to go. Anyone in the know is aware of the 90 hour labor and two hours of pushing that had to occur before little Peanut decided to emerge. I'm thinking we need a new way with this one, and I had heard some good things about the relaxation and calm births with hypnobirthing.

This green path has taken me to so many places - it has changed the way we eat and build, garden and play. It only makes sense that it changes the way we have children and how we care for them and ourselves.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Way Better View!

So we got a few new windows, and of course, we can feel the difference - our rooms are not drafty - but the best part is the change in the view.

Here is a picture of the kitchen before we worked any magic at all. The whole thing is scary, but focus on the windows for now please. Our kitchen window came down all the way to the countertop (so far that the old back splash actually was covering the bottom of the window!)and while it was a big window it was two double hung windows with mullions in them (those white grids is you are not sure). People would walk in and say "hey nice kitchen" and then a few minutes later as they peered through a tiny pane would comment on the yard. Well, all that has changed my friends!

I left right after the crew got here, and ran a few errands. By the time I got back, we had gaping holes in our house and it was cold! But I could already see what a great change it would be.

I left again (it was cold!) and when I arrived back, we had new windows in Peanut's room, our downstairs guest room and the kitchen. They looked beautiful from the outside and the inside!

The kitchen though is an absolute transformation. The first thing you see when you walk into the kitchen is the yard and the view of the golf course. It is so beautiful and really the reason we bought this house. Peanut and Honey went out to play in the yard with the crazy dog yesterday and I could see them clearly while I was in the kitchen getting our dinner started. It was really nice - a harbinger of things to come. I know that view will be where I watch our kids grow up.