Friday, May 29, 2009

Since I Needed Something Else to Do...

I decided to scrapbook Peanut's birth. I figured that instead of having random papers and pictures and footprints in a box (mixed in with our wedding mementos) I would get them into a book before the new baby arrives. So, I needed a book, some paper, a little glue, and some markers. All non toxic/non acidic or whatever so the photos don't get ruined. This seems simple enough, but of course, it is not. I arrive at the store list in hand and realize I need all kinds of stuff to do this "right". I need stickers, a paper trimmer, adhesives, etc. And a new addiction is born.

I've done some scrap booking before, when it first became "the thing" to do and when I realized I was not using my 1700 kinds of scissors or my foam die cuts or my papers or whatnot, I gave it all away on freecycle. Now I want it all back, but I'm sure my old stuff is no longer appropriate in the new scrap booking world, so maybe it is just as well that I had to spend $150 to set up a book for my daughter 2 years after she was born. I have to admit, that it is turning out beautifully and I am thoroughly enjoying reliving the whole thing. Our doulas had written her birth story and taken pictures throughout labor and delivery (don't worry - we have edited which photos are in the album significantly!) and it is so nice to see it all together.

Meanwhile, of course, there are a million other things that I really need to do. Like yesterday I moved the car seats around so I could install the base for the infant seat. The cover is still drying (had to wash it from being in the shed) and I hope to get it on and the seat installed before little one's arrival. The funny part of that is seeing Peanut facing forward for the first time today in the car. I had no idea what she was doing back there - she is usually pretty quiet and reading her books, but has lately begun to ask for "mimit" (this means "music"). So today, she asks for music and then as she listens, has this thoughtful concentrating expression before she either says "this" and then begins bobbing her head to the tune or scowls and says "more mimit" since she doesn't like this song and wants another. The dancing head is what got me - she is really jamming out back there! It is so funny to see.

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