Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Big Girl!

As we are hard at work getting our house prepared for this new little one soon to arrive, we have been moving furniture around and getting rid of lots of stuff! This morning, we decided to move one of the twin beds from our guestroom (soon to be baby's room) into Peanut's room so she could get used to the idea of a "big girl bed" just being in her room. We actually planned to keep her in her crib and borrow another crib from a friend once we move the new baby out of the co sleeper. So we had no expectations of Peanut actually using the bed. Well... she saw it, yelled "up, up!" and didn't want to leave it. She took her nap in the bed, and did fine! I was posting on freecycle while she napped (and I checked her a million times to be sure she didn't fall out of bed) and saw a bed rail and snatched that up since we were totally unprepared for our toddler using this bed! This evening, we gave her the option of her crib or the bed to sleep in, and she chose the bed! She settled in without so much as a peep. I am absolutely stunned, and so sappy about my little girl growing up so fast. I just can't believe it - to see her little self in that big bed is too much for my hormonal pregnant crybaby self. Oh she is so sweet!