Monday, May 18, 2009

A little bit of Sha-na-na and some really ugly mushrooms

Today has been an interesting baby day - lots of moving around in there and lots of Braxton Hicks contractions! At work this morning, my train of thought was interrupted by a little bladder dance going on in there. This afternoon, I have been imagining my uterus flexing its muscles like the guy from Sha-na-na - doing a little practice run to make sure everything is ready to roll when the time comes.

Peanut has had a rough day - for the first time ever, she wailed when I dropped her off at daycare. I was shocked and her sitter said she asked for me several times throughout the day as well. I know she is understanding that a new baby is coming and I wonder if she realizes that life will for sure be different for her. We talk about it, read about it, and everyone asks if she is excited to be a big sister, so I can imagine she may be a little stressed about it. The bedtime routine is getting longer and longer too - a sip of water, a trip to the potty, another "hold mommy", and then several sips of water for baby doll...and then it begins again. Tonight I just finally said "love you, night night" and left. She settled down after a few minutes, but maintaining the calm is exhausting.

I did get into the garden a bit today. We got some plants from a fabulous gardener on freecycle on Sunday, and I got most of them planted this afternoon. Some azaleas, jack in the pulpits, lily of the valley, day lilies, liriope, grasses and yarrow all found new homes in our yard. I have to keep reminding myself that this garden will take years to build and I need to focus on one little patch at a time. Having this much space is hard for someone who has always had a zillion plants mashed together into a tiny space! As I was planting, I noticed a crazy looking thing sticking up out of the soil. Unfortunately, our camera batteries had died and I can't remember where the extras are, so I had to run out and get new ones which took some time. The neon orange of the mushrooms is not so obvious in the pictures since I think the mushrooms dried out by the time I got around to taking the photos.

I think these are a little creepy looking. They are stinkhorn mushrooms, and you can see all kinds of interesting pics of them here -

Ah, the fascinating world of mushrooms. I never knew there were so many kinds until I lived here!

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