Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We could be crazy

So, we are in the process of buying a foreclosed home. Our home inspection was today and while we didn't hear anything we weren't expecting, having all of the things that need to be done laid out in front of us has got my head spinning! The plan is to do much of the work ourselves (a little rough with a 1 year old underfoot!), go "green" on everything possible, and to maintain some semblance of an emergency and savings fund.

Meanwhile, we are living in an apartment and our lease ends in a week. We are extending to month to month, but that takes our rent higher than our mortgage will be! I've spoken with the leasing office, and it seems that I am getting the run around. I proposed that we pay two months up front, give our move out notice now and have a reduced rent. Seems reasonable - they will make interest on that money, have a date for new people to rent - everybody wins. Seems that is too out there for anyone to get. Last night, I was lamenting how I sometimes feel like I am from a completely different planet than everyone else. If I am thinking out of the box, everyone I meet is cowering in the corner of the box, so afraid to do anything. Well, hubby told me that he has come to join me on this planet I live on. I'm glad to have company!

Thursday, August 21, 2008