Friday, May 22, 2009

Home Stretch

If you need to know how to put on weight - I'm your go to girl! At my midwife appointment yesterday, I had gained 7 pounds, yes that is seven, in a week! Looks like eating ice cream and completely giving up exercise does wonders. Since that might be a little much to gain each week for the next few, I had an apple for dessert last night and have already finished my workout today. I also realized that my not working out also makes me a bit crabby, and makes dealing with an almost two year old nearly impossible to do with any amount of patience.

We met with our doulas last night to go over final plans, questions, issues and all. We are feeling pretty relaxed and comfortable with this upcoming birth so it was mostly a nice visit and catch up time with them. I feel like these final weeks are really all about birthing - everything else is secondary. It's all we talk about with Peanut - she is really into the "big sister" books and "new baby at your house" books. She vacillates on whether she wants a baby or not, but overall I think she is understanding the plan. I've been listening to my scripts at all hours - if I wake at 3 am and can't get back to bed, or midday if Peanut gets a nap, or last thing at night before falling asleep. I have a birthing affirmations CD in the car and listen to it at least a little each day. So if you are stopped at a traffic light next to me and our windows are rolled down, you might do a double take when you hear what I am listening to!

We are planning on using this long weekend to finish a few baby related house projects. I'd also like to make my play lists, find our video camera charger (for Peanut's antics and possibly quite discrete labor videos - I'm not a fan of the birth video when I am the star), and put some plants into our garden. Every time I do something, I think of how I need to organize it for during or after this baby's appearance. Even meal preparation relates to birth - I am making LOTS of extra so I can freeze the leftovers for when I don't want to cook. We'll go to the farmer's market this afternoon too and stock up on fresh veggies for the week so my 7 pound gain becomes a one time deal!

While life has been a little stressful this week, and my patience has worn thin, overall, I'm feeling great - happy and content, excited and anticipating what is to come.

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