Sunday, May 24, 2009

Turkey Time

For whatever reason, the expectation is that when you are pregnant you are thoroughly uncomfortable. This is so true in our culture, that I think women try to have more symptoms and make them more significant than they really might be. I have also noticed lots of people deciding that since "full term" is 37 weeks, that they could "pop at any time" after that, and then start to get really antsy when they are STILL PREGNANT. This is ridiculous, since "full term" just means that the baby will likely be fine and no longer a preemie if they are born then. Most pregnancies go past 40 weeks if left to their own doings. My "guess date" is in the beginning of June, but since Peanut was born well after her guess date I am prepared for mid June to be it. I'm happy to wait it out until this baby is ready to go - I do have to say that I feel a little like a turkey with my belly button popped out like the Butterball timer.

So far, I have felt "appropriately pregnant" this whole time, and while I have the usual aches and pains and such, I have focused on the positives. For example, as my hips have slowly stretched apart and loosened to the point of sometimes not being able to walk immediately upon awakening, I have told myself "my hips will be so relaxed and loose that this baby will just fly right out!". When I've got raging reflux, I think "thank goodness the baby is pushing up high and not yet down low making me take pit stops every 15 minutes". Well, today is the day I will take advantage of my right as a pregnant American woman to fully complain about how achy this all is.

I don't understand this "nesting" thing. How can people have a burst of energy and do all these crazy things and not feel like they are going to drop dead? I did a little painting yesterday and some gardening, and today I did some more gardening and felt like I would fall into the mud. I have projects I want to do, but I am sitting on the couch watching the Duggars. Last night I woke up several times to change positions (this is not new - sleep is short and very interrupted) and every time had something click. pop. contract, kick, or just generally ache. I slept on my hands and knees for a while which seems the best spot. Why there has not been a pregnant sleeping sling invented I'll never know. Seems like a good idea with an endless supply of consumers.

And what about the stretching? Oh my - my belly feels tight and hard and stretched to the max even though I know I was bigger last time. My ankles are swollen, my lower back aches, my calves are so tight, and my veins are bulging. Shorts are a necessity in this hot weather, but I just feel badly for those around me at times for having to look at my possibly half shaven legs - I can't see the whole darn things! Who knows how close I got to getting them clean shaved?! And know that the waddle is thoroughly integrated into the gait pattern, I just feel larger than life - like I am taking up an immense amount of space.

You know what? I like being pregnant. I am so excited to be able to carry a baby and create a life. It is all worth it. So that is my complaining, and now I am done. One week or four more - I'm in for the duration. I am so grateful that my body works this way and makes a sibling for Peanut possible. Even if I do feel a little like a turkey.

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