Saturday, May 16, 2009


For the past few years, we have been cleaning our own house and it seems to go fine albeit in spurts. We did have a company come out when we first moved in to do a thorough cleaning and a few times after as we were doing so much construction, but i thought "Oh, I can clean - I'm home some of the week now and will be here full time when the baby comes". Then reality started to sink in, and I realized it would be a question of how dirty I was comfortable with it being. Well, we decided to give our housecleaners a biweekly gig - just to try it out and see. By the time they were done with the main floor today I was sold. I went to work this morning, came home midday and had a mostly clean house! When I came back from my afternoon appointments, it was spotless - cleaner than I think it has been in months. What an amazing thing - I told Honey it was the best idea we had since getting married and having kids. I felt badly cooking dinner tonight because I didn't want to mess up the kitchen. And I am savoring our stainless appliances without fingerprints!

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