Thursday, March 5, 2009


Here's something amusing. We had a huge snowstorm at the beginning of this week. Wind howling, snow falling, freezing temperatures. We actually got enough snow that Peanut was up to her knees in it and could barely walk which is why there are no pictures of her playing in it. I had to hold both hand the whole time we were out there otherwise she was down for the count. Well, we are scheduled to get new windows on the rest of our house, and are patiently awaiting that day. We almost didn't do the window in our downstairs bathroom, but at the last minute we decided to throw it in to the estimate. I'm glad we did, because when I went in there to take a shower on Tuesday, there were icicles coming INSIDE the window! I'm talking inside the shower! I have a distinct feeling that the temperature difference will be significant in that room with the new window. I hope you can see the pictures of our indoor weather!

Woman of the Cloth

OK, so I have used cloth diapers from almost day one (maybe day 14...) with Peanut and am planning to do so with this new little one. We started to go through baby clothes and things and get organized for his/her arrival, and I discovered that we needed to do a little work on our diaper stash. SO, I went to the place I learned so much from last time - and immediately got totally sucked in and addicted to all of the new and improved diapers, and the threads in other sections beside the for sale or trade. I remember being on this site a lot before and after Peanut was born, but I forgot the immense hold it can have on me. I did find a bunch of diapers there as well as on craigslist, and am now up to snuff on the newborn/small stash. That baby will be all set! I also looked at one-size and mediums for my Peanut since she IS such a Peanut and has been in her mediums for a year or more now. Of course I did end up buying some more for her, and what does she do? Gets totally into using the potty! I am floored, but I will take what I can get since I know chances are slim that she'll stick with it when the new baby comes.

The funny thing about potty learning or training, is that I find myself saying really funny things. Things I never really considered saying before. "You can poop in your diaper or in the potty - either is fine with me. Which one do you want? Potty or diaper?", "Once something is in the potty it stays in the potty", (she loves to try to get the paper back out - ostensibly to use again) "Only poop, pee, toilet paper and tushes go in the potty" (that's so I don't have to say "no hands in the potty" a catrillion times) , "You pooped on the potty like daddy does!" (I'm sure he loves that one!). I am also spending a really inordinate amount of time in there with her. We sit and she does her thing and then I think she is not sure when she is done, because she gets up and then says "more" and sits back down. Sometimes she is right - there is more. We got a second potty chair for downstairs after several days of climbing steps in a hurry to and anxious "wet, wet" or "poop, poop!". When Peanut saw it this morning, she promptly wanted to take it for a spin and I was again surprised to see her use it like a champ!

Thank goodness I only bought one-size diapers for Peanut. At least i know they will get plenty of use from number two even if she decides that potty is king. The rough part about this addiction to these diaper websites, is that suddenly, I feel that I must have these new things! Fancy eco fabrics, better absorbency, pretty embroidery...when really, I have a fully functional but maybe a little ratty useable diaper stash right now. Oh well. I've still spent way less money than if we used disposables so there.

I do have to admit, that it is really fun to open the mail and have new fluff in there to add to the drawer! OK, I think I really have a problem - is there a CD Anonymous?