Thursday, October 6, 2011

Working Mama

One of the really suprising things with this new transition back into the world of work is how much fun I am having.  I really love my job.  I truly enjoy figuring out each family and child.  It's a little like a puzzle.  What works best, what does everyone really need, how will this child learn best, how can we help them, and how can we clarify what we are doing?  It's refreshing to focus on one child and one family in an objective and constructive way for an hour.  And then shift gears to the next family for an hour.  I get the chance to solve problems and bring up issues, and reflect with people all day.  And of course, I get to play with babies!  And, I'll pat myself on the back and say that I'm good at what I do. I feel competent at work, so on days when I feel like I am clueless at home, I can be good at something in the world and feel better about it all.

The bonus of all of this problem solving, reflecting, planning, and creativitiy is that I can relax at home and just have fun.  Of course, I also drive around the county all day, so I have a chance to just listen to the radio or stop and log into the free wifi at the coffee shop too.  So all my needs get met during the day and I recharge my engine.  Filling my cup makes it possible for me to be a better parent.  By the time I pick up ther kids in the afternoon, I am just ready to hear all about their day and do whatever they want to do since I've had all day "to myself".  It's so funny how that works - that having fufilling work makes the rest of the week better and easier.  So often, we assume work will be awful and boring, and for some people it really is.  I wish everyone was able to do what they love all day long.  I am so lucky really. 


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