Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Some fun

After all the fabulous boot camp, hot yoga, and other random workouts this summer, I've been seriously slacking as I get my act together in this new transition to work and school.  I much prefer working out in the morning, and now that we leave so early, that is nearly impossible.  If I work out at night, I'll keep myself awake too late.  During the day, I'm either working or with Pumpkin, so I need something he can do too, or that i can do while he naps, or that I can do on the fly.  I don't really want to pay for anything extra, and I'd love to use what we already have (since we do have a full gym in our basement!).  I can squeeze in some standard workouts here and there, but I need something fun and easy to fit in anywhere that I will actually do.  I have a plan.  I've found two playgrounds close to the kids school, and I plan to do some playground workouts before picking them up in the afternoons!  I like playing on the playground at home with the kids, and can get pretty winded just chasing them around, so why not do the same without them?  So what if I'll look super ridiculous trying to hoist myself up on those monkey bars or lunging along the curb?  Who cares if I attract stares with sprints across the grass?  I'm up for it.  I actually think it will be a ton of fun. 

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