Wednesday, October 12, 2011


It's been cool to see how the kids entertain themselves and each other as they get older.  Of course, it is also amazing to do a task from start to finish without anyone asking to help or asking for a snack or crying that they need to go potty or pretty much any interruption at all.  Sometimes I get a little concerned when I haven't seen the kids in a while, but more often I am so please to be completing tasks at what seems like the speed of light. 

It's funny, I've noticed that they don't really play with their toys, they use the objects around them to come up with really imaginative games and scenarios.  I guess that in part is that they don't actually have any toys that do stuff for them - they only have toys that require them to take some kind of action.  It is pretty cool to see all that simple toy stuff working to enhance their creativity.  I'm feeling rather validated :)

They have been spending literally hours lately playing on their own, and I can hear them discussing all kinds of amusing things.  One morning last week, they got dressed up in double layers of dresses (yes - both of them) and decided they were going to a wedding.  They had bags with their things and gifts packed up and created a car to drive in (part of the bed).  They had some time during the wedding to sit and take a break - mom and baby relaxing at the wedding in a comfy easy chair.  While they carried on, I was able to bake a ridiculous amount of muffins, clean up the kitchen, and remain fairly focused on a conference call.  Yeah.  It's pretty incredible. 

Another afternoon was a big dress up and then creating "beds and nests" out of the couch cushions.  The attention to detail in having the covers just right is pretty astounding.  I'm sure there was more to the story - there always seems to be some elaborate back story about why they are dressed a certain way and why the beds are just so... I'm not questioning, just enjoying the imaginations!

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