Sunday, October 2, 2011


For a while, I've had the idea of blue hair.  In high school, I did the whole sun-in thing.  I sat outside with beer, or lemon, or tea, or whatever was the "thing" that would make my hair super shiny and blonder.  I used color foam with red sparkles.  I did some random highlights and even later some actual hair dyes just for something different.  I never went too far beyond my actual hair color though, which has changed naturally from strawberry blond, to blond, to red, to brown.  So I had been thinking about doing something new, and blue streaks in my hair seemed just the thing.  Months and months have gone by, and my hair dresser said no way, Honey just raises his eyebrows.  I've done nothing really to satisfy this little rebellion in my head.  Well, I did paint my nails blue and green but really.

So this week, when Pumpkin met me at the driveway of school with this fabulous blue head of hair, I was once again thrown into a spin.   He seemed pleased with it, and checked himself out in the mirror when we got home with a big smile on his face. 

I think it was the exuberance that went with the hair that I most envy.  Maybe it is not the color at all, but the excitement and boldness of just running blue paint all over his head that I need to imitate.  I was even a little reluctant to wash it out.  He told me he "painted a lot with blue!"  Yeah buddy, you sure did. 

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