Monday, October 3, 2011


At the kids new school, we have community work days where some of the teachers and parents get together to work on whatever needs doing.  It seems that these days are inspiring us to finish projects at home as well!  Yesterday we worked all morning at both school sites, and got back here with energy to spare.  I cleaned up the tomato beds and finished a little planting that had been abandoned.  The garden is now somewhat ready for the onions, kale, lettuce, and whatever else I can get in before it is REALLY too late to plant.  Honey came back from the workday and completly cleaned up the utility and tool room.  Then, he put Peanut's name on her bed in wooden letters that I painted like two years ago with the intention of putting them on her door.  We felt like we had a super accomplished weekend and it was only Saturday! 

Honey went to the first work day last month, and build a bird feeder garden there that I just loved.  Of course, I wanted to build one here, and so a couple of weeks ago, we all set out to gather the supplies and build our own.  The kids worked along with us, and got so black with dirt and mulch that we had to dip them in the tub and then drain and refill it before actually giving them baths.  The garden turned out great, and we have lots of birds coming to visit.  I think we have mostly thwarted the squirrels as well since we used only seeds they don't like or feeders that shut down wne they pounce!  It's hard to see, but there is a tiny Japanese maple in the garden as well as a few herbs that needed dividing from our herb garden. 

I wonder what next months work day will inspire us to do?

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