Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rock Star

This past weekend, Honey took the kids on some errands while I was at work.  They ended up buying a toy microphone on the fly.  So it plays music, records your voice and plays it back, and will amplify your voice as well.  No biggie right?  Peanut would absolutely not put the thing down for the first 24 hours she owned it.  She took it to the bathroom with her, talking and singing into it all the while.  She brought it outside and did shows on stumps while wearing her butterfly wings.  She walked through the house recording and listening to her own voice.  At first, she did want to be alone or at least not have to see that you were right there while she was talking.  But as the day went on, she became more and more confident, and she was just singing and talking regardless of who was in the room.  My very quiet Peanut would absolutely not shut up.  Why we had not thought of this sooner I have no idea...

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