Monday, June 29, 2009

On our own

It is the end of day one on my own with two kids and everyone is still here and healthy. So we have that going for us - which is nice. The only casualty we had was a bumped lip - Peanut was insistent on playing in the pool and running back and forth to the sandbox. Of course she tripped and fell and went face first into the side of the sandbox... although we did manage to get inside to do some first aid, she really wanted none of it and would have preferred to bleed out into the pool. She has a tough constitution that one. I ended up with Pumpkin over one shoulder and Peanut under my arm in order to get in the house for some ice and a cleaning. Oy.

We actually managed to accomplish some things today - got out for a short walk this morning and got to the pediatricians office for Pumpkins two week check up. I did have a little angst in the parking lot figuring out the best way to load and unload kids, but I'm sure that will get easier.

So the past two weeks have been a blur - we completely bypassed Peanut's birthday, so I'll recap it for you here. She wanted to go see the lizards, so we spent some time at Walney visitors center checking out the snakes, fish, turtles and skinks. Then we had ice cream cake and did the candle lighting thing...we also did the candles again almost every night that week (for Nana, Aunt Brenda, Grandma...) and continued to eat ice cream cake so now it is a little bit of an addiction. Here are some pics of my big two year old!
It's hard to see, but there is cake all over her face...

By the end of the week, she was pretty good at the candles!

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