Friday, June 26, 2009

Of potties and diapers

It seems that life with kids really revolves a lot around the bathroom. I never realized how much time and energy I would be spending on diapers, potty discussions, and training.

So everyone says that potty training goes by the wayside when a new sibling is born. They are absolutely right. It was awfully cool to use the potty before and now it is way cooler to have your pants changed like a baby. Sigh. Even though it seemed like we were in there for hours on end, I miss the days of my big grown up girl reading while sitting on the potty.

The exciting news for the little man is that his belly button stump has fallen off! Yay! This means a heck of a lot for a cloth diaperer. There are only so many cloth diapers that we have with a space for the cord, and so it has been a mix of cloth and disposables so far. But when the belly gives us the all clear, our diaper stash can be fully used and that means no more disposables! I really am amazed about the amount of trash just less than two weeks of newborn diapers makes. Of course, the amount of laundry is pretty significant right now... which is probably why this is so short.....

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