Friday, June 12, 2009

Music to bring it all out of me

I loved A Chorus Line - I saw it on Broadway when I was young and it made such an impression on me. Lately, I have been thinking about Morales and Mr. Carp. She tells a story during her audition about being Puerto Rican in an acting class where they are all supposed to be sledding and "feel" the snow and Mr. Carp is asking them all to describe what they feel. He gets to her and she says "nothing - I'm feeling nothing" and he is thoroughly disappointed and says she could get transferred if she doesn't start to get it. Well, I'm feeling nothing, but I think I can't get transferred and I have to hang out here until I feel something... That song has been going through my head for days now! Here's the lyrics and a video for you to enjoy:

So this morning I got up to work out, and felt I needed to listen to powerful women. Not the kind of power of Liz (Phair) or Tori (Amos) - that may be a little too much today, but Eddie from Ohio and the Indigo Girls were a good fit. Well, you know you are emotional and hormonal when you burst into tears within the first few bars of Galileo. I have to say though, I had a great workout, even while the tears flowed, and I feel really good and energetic this morning.

Of course, I am continuing to listen after I have finished on the elliptical, and it's now on the Indigo Girls album which just brings to mind my dad. I remember using part of "Prince of Darkness" as what I said at his funeral. And the rest of the album just brings up every angst I think I (or maybe anyone) has ever had. So maybe a good cry is in order, and this baby will enter the world with a little less on their shoulders.

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