Friday, June 5, 2009


Now I know that most pregnancies last more than 40 weeks. And I know with Peanut, we went to almost 42. So I have been preparing myself to go late this whole time. I've been telling people who ask that I am due in "mid-June" rather than saying the due date. But now, I have only one regular client left at work since I've done such a good job transitioning and preparing. (Go me!) Both of my side jobs are completed. I am starting too go a little stir crazy as it has been raining for days so I am cooped up thinking about when this baby will show itself. My due date is tomorrow, and so far, we've got nothing. I know I shouldn't expect anything, but I still have some part of me that thinks there is some magical knowledge about that day and I will wake up tomorrow with big pressure waves and know that it is the day.

Everyone we see asks Peanut if she is ready to be a big sister and when she thinks the baby will come. She says "June!" very brightly, but I can get her to pin down a day :( so she is not helping with the prediction. I have been doing all the right things (aside from not thinking about it of course) to help make this baby come, but to no avail as of yet. I am feeling a little impatient, and am wondering if there is something I need to do before I can relax and let the little one come. We just got our new insurance cards today - maybe that was it? We ordered a new charger for our video camera - it won't be here for a few days. Is that the hold up? I still need to get some outlets changed out and put some wall plates and safety covers on - maybe that's it.

I think I need to make lots of plans for the next two weeks and stay really busy so I don't make myself completely insane with waiting!!!

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