Monday, October 19, 2009

What DO you eat?

In college and for many years after, I was a personal trainer and aerobics instructor. I ate well, exercised well, and was pretty fit overall. As my regular work took over and my fitness classes became a very slim sideline, I became less and less connected to the fitness world and all of its "stuff". I've always stayed connected to more natural health - especially when I became pregnant with Peanut. I wanted to bring her into the world in the best possible way for her and I with the nest nutrition and surroundings I could give her. Well, I had forgotten how much I love the bodybuilder/fitness enthusiasts attitude until I came across Mark's Daily Apple. I had forgotten the unapologetic either you do it (eat well, work hard, make the commitment) or don't expect any changes. It was just what I needed - we have started the GAPS diet here and while I am not really feeling deprived, I am a little sad and nostalgic about what I can't have. Honestly, I had become a little bit of a pansy about the whole diet/fitness regime. After reading through Mark's blog and a few other ones he has listed, I have decided that it's not that I can't have some things, it's that I choose to eat only what makes me feel good and be energetic. Just that thought makes a difference. I want to feed my body well, feed my family well, and look and feel great all the time. Boy I missed this part of the health world!

"So what DO you eat?" I can't tell you how often that question has been asked of me. I spent close to 7 years as a vegetarian, which really freaked people out when they cooked for me. They always wondered what I ate, ostensibly because they were meat eaters and couldn't understand how vegetables and grains would fill me up. I had all kinds of questions from people I hardly knew about my reasons and my comprehension of what I was doing to my body, how I possible came up with meals, and a multitude of other big and small issues that stressed them out. I was a certified "health nut". I was again questioned when I was concerned about pesticides in food far before it was the norm to buy organic, and again when buying locally grown was big for me. I love food, love what it can do for your body and am absolutely aware of how it can be "a drug". Now that we are working on a new paradigm where meat is king, and grains are completely out, the question has surfaced again. This, I think, is really funny. The same folks who wondered what I ate when I didn't eat meat, now wonder what I eat when I eats lots of meat.

Really, I think it all boils down to the fact that I don't eat things that are not food. Things in packages that you add water to and poof - it's a meal, things that say "food" on them (ever notice "processed cheese food" on a label? If they have to tell you...), fast food, TV dinners... Even when we were eating snacks and desserts - they are always better when you make them yourself from scratch. The eerie Twinkies that never ages or store bought brownies with 17 ingredients, 10 of which are unpronounceable, are not food people! I am always surprised that our way of eating is not "normal". We cook all of our meals and having had the experience of eating out all the time when our kitchen was under construction I can for certain say that our way is better, cheaper, and healthier. By far.

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