Sunday, October 25, 2009

Anything you want to be...

I don't want to jinx it, but it seems that we have had a few nights of good bedtime routines and sleep. Honey and I realized that we were dealing with the endless bedtime by being angry and our expectation was that it would be awful no matter what we did. We shifted our thinking, and decided that Peanut was absolutely capable of going to sleep nicely on her own, and approached bedtime with confidence, pride, and high expectations. We told her exactly what we would do and what we expected from her. We told her we thought she was big enough to go to sleep without help from mom and dad. We told her she was lucky and that very few parents let their kids fall asleep on their own. It worked! She has gone to bed really well the past few days and we have started to relax again. We still have some night waking, but we used the same ideas with that yesterday and she only woke once last night and got back to sleep herself. Hurrah!

Our little man has been working hard as well - he is rolling over on his own! He flipped once a few days ago when I wasn't watching. I came back in the room and he was on his belly. Yesterday he started rolling without making it a secret. Oh my, now he is getting off his blanket or mat and onto the hardwood... Pumpkin has also gotten really into grabbing things - anything he can get his hand on gets smashed and crushed and brought to his mouth. He is trying to imitate raspberries too - so cute!

We are getting ready for Halloween, and Pumpkin will wear the Penguin outfit that Peanut wore two years ago. We will have yet more photos that we can't tell them apart I'm sure. Peanut wants to be a "blue kitty ballet princess". Hmmm. We bought a purple dance outfit that she has worn for dress up, but it is not what she wants to wear for Halloween. So I've started getting that blue kitty ballet princess outfit together, but I could barely get the skirt back off her to finish it once I had her try it on for size. Here she is watching football with daddy in her tutu. I'm not sure how I'll do the top yet, but I know she'll have a crown and some kitty ears. Who knew you could be all of these things rolled up into one?

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