Friday, October 30, 2009

All Hallows Eve

I love Halloween. I think it is the one holiday where it doesn't really matter at all who you are, what you do, how much you make - we all look goofy dressed up as someone else. Dressing up opens the door to conversation with folks you wouldn't necessarily have anything to discuss otherwise. And man, those little kids look so darn cute in their outfits! The older kids can be a little creepy, but the little ones are just adorable.

Our farmers market had trick or treating today, and Peanut, Pumpkin and I ran over to show off costumes and meet some other 2 year old buddies. Peanut was so excited to wear her blue ballet kitty princess outfit! It was a bit hazardous though - she couldn't see her feet through all the tulle and almost fell down the stairs. The outfit also makes it completely impossible for her to climb into the car on her own, so my well planned and practiced logistics of getting two kids in the car were destroyed. It was freezing (for us Virginians) and Peanut wore a blanket as a little cape, but only warmed up truly by running circles with two of her friends by the coffee truck.

Pumpkin dressed as a Penguin - OK we dressed him as a penguin. He was warm and toasty, and pretty much just played with his toys and watched the big kids run. Peanut had a shy moment when we first arrived at the market, but slowly warmed up, even saying "trick or treat" to a few vendors. She gorged on bread and cider, and got a mini pumpkin, a cookie and a cake to take home. Yeah - just what we need. Thank goodness we are hosting the mom's group party tomorrow (Holistic Halloween) so we can serve cake then!

After all the sweets, she has been having a rough time getting to sleep tonight. If we didn't realize the connection before, we can sure see it now that our diet is so much cleaner. There she goes again - mommy mommy mommy...

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