Sunday, October 18, 2009

Very Brady

We have been sitting in front of the TV way more than usual as we are all feeling under the weather this weekend. We stumbled upon some Brady Bunch reruns and got sucked right in - "mom always said don't play ball in the house". As we watched, Honey and I realized several things.

1. The Brady's were really nice to each other and everyone else. All of them. And they said goofy things but meant them in the best possible way.
2. Peer pressure was a really good way to get the kids to see the err of their ways.
3. Mike and Carol had an awful lot of time to talk and team parent - will that happen one day?
4. Alice really kicks ass.

So we got to thinking, why can't we have an Alice? Someone who will babysit, clean, cook, crack jokes, and wear a uniform - that shouldn't be too hard to find right? How awesome would that be?! We'd let her wear pants, of course, but really, someone who randomly shows up to refill your drink? Who could live without that? Then we thought, well that's probably why they are all so nice, and have tons of time to chat, and always have wholesome sit down meals....hmmm.

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