Saturday, October 17, 2009

So sleepy

Well, we know Peanut is feeling better because last night we were back to the outrageous 2 year old bedtime routine we have grown to dread. No lie, almost 3 hours from the time we started reading books to the time she actually fell asleep. She is exhausted and can barely keep her eyes open but yet continues to ask for water and tissues and all sorts of other random things. At least we both (Honey and I) remained calm throughout. Oh but I am tired. Pumpkin is going through a little growth spurt and feeding frenzy so once he wakes at 2am to eat, he wriggles and fusses and eats some more until about 5am. So I sleep from 11pm - 2am and 5am-6 or 7am. No fun really. But look how sweet and adorable they are - how can two little ones this wonderfully cute make me so sleepy sometimes? I know, this too shall pass. And when it does, I will wonder where the time has gone and wish for these days when they were small.