Sunday, October 25, 2009

A little retro

I got really into mid century modern furniture somehow and with our 70's house it is a perfect match! As we put our stamp on the inside of the house, we are beginning to find pieces we love to add a little flavor. We found a guy on craigslist who has a bunch of storage units in DC full of this stuff, and we just dove through them looking for furniture we liked. Eventually, he is planning on opening up a storefront, but while he is preparing for that he just sells out of storage. It was hysterical to see furniture from my mom's or grandmothers house in there. We came up with a sideboard (that's what started the hunt originally), a coffee table and a pair of lamps. I had been searching for a sideboard for a while and it seemed like everything was shoddy and expensive, and I really didn't want to buy new. As I was going through the storage unit, I noticed these lamps on the very top of a pile of end tables and chests. I couldn't see them well, but I liked what I could see - they are cork and really cool. The guy came and delivered our stuff and we love it - it feels like home. I especially like the lamps - they have their original shades and give off a wonderful warm golden light. It makes me think of my grandfather, whom Pumpkin is named for. I think it is the shape of the lamp and the light it gives - reminds me of the apartment in Forest Hills...

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