Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Random thoughts on a wonderful life

I'm just enjoying my life and my beautiful little people here. We do all the stuff that needs to be done each day with my little helpers - laundry, harvesting the garden, making our meals, and running errands. It all takes a little longer - OK a lot longer - but what else am I to do? Kids learn by doing and I'd rather that than wait until the weekend and try to do it all at once.

Here's our garden harvest from just one day! And this is honestly the least attention I have ever paid to a garden probably in my lifetime...

Peanut got up this morning and wanted a ponytail AND a headband - she ended up looking a little like the Jane Fonda of the 80's - feel the burn!

Yesterday, she wanted yogurt. While she did eat quite a bit of it, she discovered the joys of finger painting with food as well...that my friends is why our dining room table was $45 on craigslist!

The little man is busy pushing himself up all over the place and showing off his fabulous happiness and pride with his smiling!

Peanut has also really gotten into making everyone comfortable and having them "go night night". She gives her loveys and wraps up the dog, her baby dolls, her brother, and the cat so they can sleep well. We are so happy our animals are really laid back about all of it!
I just love this - brother and sister loving being with each other. I only hope it lasts when he starts really moving!

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