Saturday, August 8, 2009

All about the boy

So my little Pumpkin is 2 months old today! I thought I'd get some pics of him on here to show him off a little...

He is really pushing himself up on his elbows and hands now! And he has even flipped over a few times. Oh boy - I think I am in for it.

His sister can't keep her hands off him - she is soo super snuggly with him it is really sweet. Most of the time she is really gentle and is just loving on him or showing him toys. She is a little bit of a ham too and can't look away if there is a camera...

He is sweet as pie and a great sleeper - especially when he is in our bed...

He loves to play with his toys - looking at them and trying to hold them. His favorite thing to do though is just giggle and coo at people - he is a very social little guy and his smile will melt you!

Here is a little video of him pushing himself up - he is on my belly and chest so my camera skills were not great while trying to make sure he didn't fall off. He is so proud of himself!
Oh baby - who knew only a few short weeks ago you'd come crashing in and make us so happy with your sweet smile?

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