Monday, August 24, 2009

Just Right

Babies and I usually get along great - we oogle and google each other and generally have a ball. I found that initially, when I oogled and googled with Pumpkin, I felt like I was cheating on Peanut. I know that sounds crazy, but it is hard to love two beings so much, so differently, and so intensely and feel like you are spreading the love just right and not too thin. As we have begun to settle into the new dynamic, I am starting to feel pretty good about the time I spend with each of them individually as well as how I can include them in the other's play and snuggle time with mom if need be. It's really nice.

I finally feel like things are pulling together here. We've had all kinds of leaps and bounds this past few weeks and days, and it feels like we are getting into some kind of a routine. We walked this morning for almost and hour and Pumpkin didn't scream once! We had friends in last week and we took all the kids to Old Town Alexandria and out to lunch after - no issues or incidents even with a long outing! Just tired babes and mamas.

Best of all, last night Pumpkin slept ALL NIGHT. Yes, he is not yet 10 weeks old and he has given me the best gift of sleep. I am a pro at hearing the first rustle and fuss during the night and getting myself awake enough to decide if it is a new diaper or milk that is required. I usually wait for him to really "tell me" he is in need before jumping to the rescue. So that means that I can be us for 1/2 hour or so before Pumpkin really needs me. I just listen and wait. And sometimes fall back asleep. Once the decision is made, I can pluck him out of the co sleeper and have him nursing in no time. We have perfected the art of the side lying latch and we both easily fall back to sleep while nursing. There are days that I wake up and know he woke during the night to eat only because he is right there. There are other days that I have been up all night and could tell you exact times of waking and sleeping of everyone in the house. Well, this morning, I hear the first rustle and wake up to peek at the clock. Pumpkin was still in his co sleeper and he was just moving his legs a little. The clock read 6:30, and if I hadn't already been laying down I would have fallen over. It took another 30 minutes or so for him to wake up to tell me he was hungry. I slept from 11-6:30! No wonder it feels like a great day!

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A said...

Wow! That is amazing...go Little Man! :)