Saturday, August 29, 2009

A flurry of activity!

Now that things are settling down, we are back at the house with a renewed energy. We are mainly doing little things, but they make a big difference.

My mom and grandmother (Goose) came to visit a few weeks ago and brought several boxes of books that belonged to me as a child. Peanut has taken to some of my old favorites; Bedtime for Francis (we edit a little) and Green Eyes are her new favorites. We decided that the bookshelf in Peanut's room will move into Pumpkin's soon-to-be room and we would get some new shelves to house the new boos for Peanut. We got great unfinished wood shelves and I have been painting them the past two nights. She is so excited about her new shelves! She got to pick out the paint colors (not willy nilly - I did give her three options), and she has been checking them out when she helps with laundry (they are in the utility room right now). She asked about them again before going to sleep tonight.

Today was a run to the Home Depot for ceiling fans. It has finally become clear that the noise from our fans is slowly driving us insane. Beyond that, the light bulbs in the fan are impossible to find, leading me to believe they do not make that size bulb/base any longer and we will soon be completely in the dark. We now have only one working light out of the possible three bulbs in each of the kids rooms. We also got some additional supplies for closet shelving projects. While we have an enormous amount of closet space, it is not well organized. Each child's room has two good sized closets. We are putting a second clothes rod and a few shelves into one of each of the bedroom closets, and the second one will be just the regular rod with storage space below. It should create a lot more space and let the kids get their own clothes when they can reach.

Honey is currently priming the gym walls. We are so pleased to be rid of the scary lavender (I know, you remind me of my lavender kitchen with purple was a different kind of home) and black cabinet boxes. We are opting for a sunny yellow in the gym - here's hoping it spurs us to work out harder!

Our next plans are to replace our beautiful mirror and gold trim circa 1970 closet doors with bi fold doors and to gut and redo the master bath. We have some painting to do in the downstairs bedrooms/office. Oh yeah, we still have not really touched the yard aside from my little veggie garden - lots to do there. It is a work in progress!

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