Monday, August 24, 2009


My little girl has a love of music! I'd be shocked if she didn't - her dad and I love music, although we can have very different tastes. I love all 80's, show tunes, lots of classic rock, most alternative, some country, random cheesy singers (Barry Manilow, Englebert Humperdinck) and have a strange soft spot for young boy punk bands. He's fully invested in Metallica. When she was tiny, she smiled and wiggled to 80's alternative and metal on the satellite radio. So we are not really a "kids music in the car" kind of family. The kids get to listen to whatever we have on the radio.

As Peanut has gotten bigger, she has expanded her horizons. In the car, she will ask to change the station until there is something she wants to listen to. It might be Christian rock, electronica, country - it depends on her mood and the day. In our bedroom, she wants the music on so she can dance. Anything with a beat is good here - lately it has been classic rock. In her room, she wants "Chickens" which is the Philadelphia Chickens CD (if you haven't heard it you should - listen to some here). She just wants to boogie. And now she sings along or makes up her own words - what a riot! So here she is dancing to the Chickens in her very cool princess-like canopied bed.

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