Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Mommy's Life

This morning I was up early (I woke to register Peanut for a Tiny Tots class - a whole other story about online registration opening at 5am today and the madness of needing to be awake to sign up for a two year old class that fills super fast) and I had ENERGY! I was ready to go, and decided to take the kids and dog for a walk. The goal is that eventually we get out the door by 8 each day for a walk...we left at 8:30 which was not too bad considering I had been up since 5, Peanut was up at 7, and we started the "getting out the door" process at 7:50 or so. So everyone is buckled in, the dog is rarin' to go and we head out.

All is well for a bit, and then Pumpkin starts to fuss. The fuss becomes a cry. The cry becomes a scream. We stop. I check him. I pick him up. He calms down. I put him back in the stroller and he smiles. We head off. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Oh boy. So we walked for maybe 30 minutes before I just headed home, screaming infant in the stroller and concerned bikers and dog walkers looking askance.

You would think it all gets better once we get home. Well, I get the dog inside with her leash still on - I'll get that after everyone is indoors. I get both kids out and Peanut goes inside and closes the door on me as I am steering the stroller up the stoop with Pumpkin in my arms. In the time it takes me to get the door opened and go back around to steer the stroller, Peanut has gone to the top of the stairs and grabbed Crazy Dog's leash. As I get inside and close the door, the dog comes racing down the steps towards me. Yes, with my tiny princess still holding the leash. So here I am with one baby over my shoulder lunging to grab my toddler as she tumbles down the stairs. Thank goodness I got her just before she hit the stone floor in the foyer, but she bumped her head on every single hardwood step on the way.

I screamed, the baby screamed, Peanut screamed. Chaos all around. Somehow we got calmed down, and I gave Peanut some homeopathics, put ice on her noggin and a little arnica on her red spots (more than I thought - head, shoulder, hip... she really got tumbled). She was sitting and happily reading a book while I nursed Pumpkin (he's thinking "Finally Lady!") and continuing to shake. The life of a mommy - I should probably have taken some remedy myself.

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