Thursday, December 30, 2010


Some of the things I should most cherish about my kids, drive me crazy. It's all about perspective though - if I turn all my thoughts on their heads, the things that make me nuts, sound completely endearing. Something to continue to practice...

He is so clingy - He loves holding me
He pulls my hair all the time - He feels safe and secure when he is holding my hair. He loves the way my hair feels in his hands.
He gets in the way when I am doing chores - He loves to help unload the dishwasher, load the dryer, and turn the lights on and off
He wants anything Peanut has - He thinks that any toy his sister has is worth working for
He always wakes up when I go upstairs to go to bed - He is highly attuned to the sounds in his home and wakes when he hears mom or dad upstairs

Just writing these, makes me want to go upstairs and snuggle with my little guy.

OK, here's some for Peanut.
She is so painfully shy - She really takes her time to get to know people before she opens up to them. She is very cautious, which will be a huge benefit in high school ;)
She whines - She has learned that some vocal tones receive more attention than others
She acts so helpless sometimes - She is so able that often she doesn't need help but wants me there, so she has learned to pretend that she needs me
She can be bossy with her brother - She is really trying to teach him everything she knows
She wants to be held and carried - She loves to feel safe and secure in my arms.

Same thing - I'm all warm and fuzzy about my little bean.
Try it!

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