Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sickness and Scams

Something always gets in the way of my well laid out plans. I know I like to have maybe a little too much control, but really, sometimes the universe just slams me.

I had big plans to take advantage of a very chill holiday with Honey being home to get some things done around the house. I wanted to get some papers filed, boxes put away, generally organize things. I was doing great at the end of last week - recycling, shredding, and filing, and then boom. I get this crazy phone call Thursday afternoon that ended up costing me almost three hours of my day right there and then a few more hours that night on line.

Some woman calls, and claims she is a private investigator. She then claimed that she had been hired to find me in reference to an alleged check fraud. I asked a bunch of questions, and was told that she had been hired to find me, that was her only job, and once she found me that she would send my whereabouts to the court and a warrant would be issued for my arrest. I'm sorry - a WHAT??? I'm absolutely positive you have the wrong person lady.

So she puts me on with a "mediator" who continues on with the story, adding bits of information along the way. I'm thinking this is fishy, but also wondering if someone stole my identity and is messing with my credit now. She basically tels me that I could be arrested before Monday which is the earliest I *may* be able to speak with one of the attorneys on the case. So long story short, I think they are planning to ask me to wire money or something to make this all "go away".

I spend several hours making phone calls to my bank, the company she indicated was after me, and going on line looking up the mediation company and law firm. Of course everything comes up bogus, and I have spent my time for nothing. So now I have to do a police report, and I'm still anticipating them calling back on Monday to follow up on the "issue and warrant". Oy. Seriously - I think they are messing with the wrong person here - I'm no dummy and I've got no problem calling big companies (or small ones) to find out what I need to know.

So all that aside, now I've got Sunday free to finish up my projects. Well, no. Saturday afternoon and evening, it became evident that the kids were both coming down with something. I ended up staying up all night with Peanut, and in morning I was sick too. So today we have basically laid on the couch and slept all day. I'm just starting to feel like a human again but just barely. Thank goodness Honey is home again tomorrow!

I'd like to let the universe know that I've got it. I do not need to be in control of everything. I'd like the testing to end as I feel that I have passed many times over at this point. Please? Thanks for hearing me out.

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