Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We've all been sick over here, so not much writing is going on, but I wanted to share a bit of our holiday...

The Winter Solstice was last week, and we had some friends over to celebrate. The kids made candles and lit them in a solstice spiral in the yard. As they walked back out of the spiral, they each lit a votive or tea light - it was beautiful when it was all lit up! The idea (for us anyway) is that you are walking towards the sun, and each of us gets to share a bit of the light. It was a calm and meditative way to enter into winter. The kids were cold though and patiently waited their turn to walk, but once they lit the candles they wanted to go back inside fast!

A few days before Christmas, I heard Peanut telling her "girls" that Santa would come and bring them presents. I thought this was pretty funny since Santa chat around here is pretty minimal. Amazing.

Well, she set all of her girls up one day for some snacks at the dining room table. This was after we had given them all baths and helped them go potty. Of course they all have place mats and their own little dishes. Love that kid.

Christmas morning, the kids woke up and I think Pumpkin was unclear a
bout all the stuff under the tree. It took him a while to even notice it. Pea
nut had been talking about "the pink princess and the yellow princess" for a few days too, and I was concerned that since neither of the princesses was under that tree, she would be disappointed. I think they were both pretty happy - they played all day with their new toys, and nothing has been tossed aside.

I think her favorite gift was a purple fairy outfit. She wore it all day and even dressed her ballerina to match.

I got a badly needed new camera, an unexpected radio/zune dock for the kitchen, and an even more unexpected spa day. I have a wonderfully thoughtful gift giver for a husband. There's no question about that.
We spent the rest of the day piddling around, playing kitchen and restaurant with all the new play food, and racing matchbox cars. What a life!

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