Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Flip Side

We no longer have a cat among us. While I am sad, and miss our Calvin, a few things have some to light recently that remind me of the plus side of life without cats. Of course the lack of hairballs and cat puke is a definite plus. That goes without saying. The white couch remaining white is also a welcome sight. The change I am most pleased about is my plants.

I used to have houseplants everywhere; my thumb is permanently green. I am the girl who could take your dead flowers and bring them back. Having a cat (with a bad tummy) put a damper on that. That Calvin ate anything he could reach, so out with the plants we knew were poisonous, up with the plants that were left, and fill in the gaps with fake. My beautiful green house became a little brown, dead, ignored, chewed upon, and questionable. I even gave some plants away on freecycle, hoping some other green thumb could keep them well.
Last week, the Christmas cactus Honey bought me began to bloom. And it was not immediately eaten. As I watched the flowers opening, I realized it was only blooming on one side, and the other side was a raggedy cat chewed mess. I had forgotten what it was like to watch these plants thrive - I was only interested in them NOT dying.
So now it begins - the sad batches of real and fake plants all shoved together in corners are on their last legs. Over the next few weeks I plan to re pot and disperse them through the house. I've already moved a few onto counters that were previously off limits, and one is even on the floor. Honey brought a Pointsetta and another cactus at a fundraiser, and I am still looking for the perfect spot. The idea of spending a few hours with my plants and having it not be in vain is really inspiring. I'm pretty excited, but if you had seen the jungle I used to live in you would understand. Hopefully we can get back to that. Calvin, I'm dedicating this indoor garden to you my furry friend.

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