Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh Honey

I know I don't tell him enough, so here it is -

I love my wonderful Honey because:
- he is the most even keeled person I know
- I can talk to him about everything and he listens to it all
- he brings our compost all the way out to the yard composter in the snow!
- although I do feed and care for Pumpkin at night, I never have to get out of bed to do so
- he does laundry and cleans without me asking - he is really a far better housekeeper than I
- he is a wonderful father
- I am balanced by his practicality and realistic views
- he is so patient with my "new ideas that we should try" like changing our diets, clearing our house of EMF's...
- he understands and values my work as a stay at home mom
- I can be just myself and know that I am loved for all of what "just myself" includes
- he is loyal and true - as a friend and family member, he is always there when he is needed
- he is thoughtful, and wants me to take better care of myself
- he tells me he loves me and that I'm a hot mama!

Honey, it took some time - thank goodness I at last got it right.


Brann...it's good for you. said...

You forget...he's dreamy, too. :)

My greatest college roommate because of the cleanliness! :) We were a perfectly organized match!

Happy holidays.

Anonymous said...
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