Monday, December 21, 2009

The Longest Shortest Day

It's officially the beginning of winter - can you tell? We got around a foot and a half of snow dumped on us this weekend, so yes, I can tell. Saturday morning, Peanut and I went out to play in the snow while it was still snowing because it was already so deep I knew she'd have a hard time walking if we waited any longer. I did end up carrying her for much of our playtime, and we made some snow angels by accident... but we both enjoyed the winter wonderland. Our whole neighborhood of conscientious citizens shoveled at least once on Saturday before the snow had even stopped falling. I did the walkway and had a new inch on it before I was through. It felt a little silly, but made the job way easier the next day.

By Sunday, the snow was so deep; our dog ran out the back door and turned right back around to come in when she realized it was up to her shoulders. Honey had to cut a path for her in the yard so she could stop standing around with her legs squeezed together. Needless to say, we did not take the kids out in it since they are both too short and we'd lose them. Honey did do a fabulous shoveling job - the cleanest driveway around. I'm so proud!

Sunday was a little dicey - somehow, every transition seemed like a nightmare. Peanut requested a nap very early in the day and then never actually slept. Pumpkin comfort nursed a whole lot, and I started to feel quite worn out from it all. We did have some fun cuddle time though.

Day three of "operation cooped up" included rolling up beeswax sheets to make candles and making playdough; two kinds - smelly gingerbread dough and a rosy pink one. The playdough came about since the previous batch (which has lasted quite a while) has dried up due to being used as "food" in the play kitchen for the past week. We made the candles for our Solstice celebration. I got a little kit with beeswax sheets and wicks so we could roll them up ourselves - easy and fun. Peanut has been reading about "The Shortest Day" and we've been talking about how people celebrate the Winter Solstice because they know the sun will come back and stay for a longer time each day after that. She gets into the idea of the sun being in the sky after dinner like it was in the summer.

Plenty of cooking took place today as well. Chicken soup, veggie fritters, baked coconut/curry tilapia, and bananas in coconut milk to name a few dishes. The bananas turned out excellently and the leftovers went into the freezer as popsicles. I had opened a can of coconut milk yesterday to make muffins and only needed a few tablespoonfuls. With almost a full can leftover, I had to come up with a way to use it all up - thus the Thai flair.

Crafts notwithstanding, today ended up being one of those days where I wanted to walk away. The combination of everyone being indoors and going a little stir crazy with a teething infant and needy two year old leaves a lot to be desired. Additionally, we woke every hour last night for someone. Fix the blanket, change the baby's diaper, feed him, find the lovey for her... it just went on and on. When you are a zombie and everyone needs you at the same time, it feels like you should just leave. The kids alternated naps today too, so there was always someone awake and requiring something from me.
Now that I think of it, I should have turned on the tube and let everyone veg, including me, but no - we had stuff to do and make and finish. These are the days when I realize the way we live and parent can be really draining at times. Keeping the TV off and really interacting with the kids all day is fun and what I want most, but it can be a lot of work. Cooking and eating well and healthy take an awful lot of time and energy. It would be so much faster and easier to pull out lunchables or run through the drive through, but that's just not how I roll. I guess I have to deal with a little fatigue if these are the things I prioritize.

I am pleased that we did a little Solstice centerpiece and ate dinner by candlelight. If my mood had been lighter, it would have been really super fun - but I was just glad to be close to bedtime, and happy to see everyone eating well, so it was merely enjoyable. A fitting short day - I am so looking forward to the sun coming up earlier and sticking around a bit later in the coming weeks.

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A said...

How cool! I want to do a solstice celebration. We should do one as a group next year--there should be at least a few people who are into it!