Wednesday, December 16, 2009

No grout yet...

We've had quite a fast and furious run of work on the bathroom this week. The only thing left to do is grout the shower floor and install the shower door. We are so close, but the grouting was supposed to happen this afternoon and we have had no word from the contractor... Oh well. Here are the "so far" photos!

The old floor was removed in the shower and when the new tile arrived it was smaller and closer together, but I like it better so it's fine!
I don't think I have mentioned that we chose Kirei for the countertop. It was an inexpensive green option and turned out beautifully.
The only thing I think I would have done differently is make the sink cabinet shorter. I measured to end the cabinet where the original one had ended by the toilet, and never having used that old scary bathroom had no idea how snug it would be. We could have easily shaved 6 inches off the base cabinets and still had plenty of storage and allowed ourselves a little wiggle room on the commode. Live and learn!

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