Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

As we got closer to *The Day* I began to realize how kids become consumers. It's all us people. Peanut would never know about Santa and presents and buying things if every. single. adult. who spoke with her didn't play it up so much. We didn't even bring the kids to see Santa because, well, we didn't really talk about him alot until we had to because we saw him in passing at the mall. I'm also completely OK with my very small children NOT sitting on some strange man's lap and smiling about it. Maybe someday we will make an event of it, but I really can't see it happening anytime soon. Also, it always strikes me as a little strange to say that some guy will creep into our house at night and leave stuff under a big tree in our living room. I'm actually more interested in figuring out how Santa came to be, and talking about the traditions in other countries and times with the kids and perhaps adding some to our own celebrations.

Until last night, Peanut really still had no clue about the gifting side of all of this. Even when she saw the tree at her cousins house with presents under it, I'm not sure she got it. When she was given a gift, she stepped back a bit, and upon further discussion with her we realized she didn't realize it was hers to keep. She then proceeded to put the toy under the tree and then go back and get it - kind of reliving the moment.

We kept it fairly low key - our kids are so little that after they open one thing they are ready to play with it for the rest of the day and could care less about the 98 million things under the tree. It worked out perfectly - there was maybe one or two gifts too many, but Peanut happily opened all of them, stopping to play with a few items along the way. Pumpkin stayed with the first thing we opened for him - sitting and banging his little rainbow bowls together while the festivities continued around him. We had been given a kid sized table and chairs set from Honey's aunt and uncle, and had that out in the living room which worked out well for Peanut to begin putting stickers and glue on her ballerina pig bank, and then making us all pizza with her new wooden pizza set. My mom's boyfriend had given us an old computer a few weeks ago and we put that next to the tree as well. Peanut went right over and sat down, telling me she was checking her email.

The kids got their first ball and glove - Santa is a big baseball fan (Dodger fan to be exact) - and Peanut wanted to try it out. Here she is in one of her many tutus (she calls them "tops") working on her arm.

I got a fantastic set of stainless steel cookware - Go Honey! - that has already been put to use making the tastiest bacon and eggs I've ever made. They have already been lovingly cleaned and put away, while the old ones are slowly making their way to freecycle. (Yes, I am disclosing that they are used and nonstick so use them at your own risk!)

Peanut did get her chocolate ice cream this afternoon - it has been the one constant when people asked what she wanted for Christmas, so we couldn't let her down. She loved every bite!

As far as "being green" goes, we did think about our footprint in getting ready for the holiday. We didn't buy too much and got some things used and free. We did buy wood toys, stuff that diesn't require replacing batteries forever, some things that both kids would enjoy, and stuff they actually needed (snow suit, mittens...) as well. We used all the wrapping paper, boxes and bags that we already had to wrap our gifts (and Santa's stuff too). Of course, we did try to save the wrapping paper, bags and boxes, and did a pretty decent job considering we have a 2 year old who likes to rip the paper off as fast as possible. We had a bag of trash, but did have way more that we saved.

I have been able to cook and clean without interruption since Honey is holding our teething, running nose, very needy little dude while they watch a little TV, and Peanut is finally down for a nap. Doesn't sound very glamorous, but it is really all I asked for. Overall it's been a really lovely day!

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