Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Your Kids Eat What?

Why all the fuss about getting kids to eat better?  Salad bars in school are the "big new thing" like there is this sudden answer to all of our health issues and it is putting salad next to the low fat chocolate milk and pizza.  Why are adults incredulous that some kids eat lots of interesting and nourishing foods?  There is an easy answer.  Kids eat what the people around them eat.  They see that face you make when you take a bite of fries or broccoli and register which one they are "supposed" to like or not.  When we assume that kids will only eat "kid food", then that is what they do.  When we assume that kids will eat "real food" then that is what they do.  Expect the best of everything from your children.  So really, just take care of yourself, enjoy it, and let them see you doing so.  The rest will follow!

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