Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I had a babysitter scheduled for a few hours this afternoon.  My scheduled appointment with a client was cancelled at the last minute since she was in labor (the nerve, right?!), so I ended up having three hours to myself. 

I snuggled the kids, made a list of all of the errands and work I needed to do, gathered my things together, and headed out. Library, drug store, consignment shop, hardware store... After a few stops, feeling pretty good about how much I was accomplishing, I settled in at my local coffee shop to knock out some work.  This was the kind of stuff that either gets donw when kids are out or sleeping, requiring concentration and focus.  Perfect to do at my little table in an empty cafe. 

As I pulled things out of my backpack, I realized there was a problem.  I had no computer.  The evaluation manual I had brought to help me pull together a report was for the wrong age - preschoolers rather than infants.  And the only writing implement I had was a mini golf pencil. 

At first, I was annoyed, and then I had to assume the Universe was telling me something.  "Slow down" she said.  "Relax".   So I did. 

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