Wednesday, September 12, 2012


What the heck is up with all of this texting while driving still?  I thought we were all agreed that it is really super stupid and unsafe.  Am I misinformed?  I'm driving the other day and stop at a light.  As I look to my right, a car is rolling towards the car in front of them as the driver is looking down at her phone and texting away.  She continued to roll and text, and then I notice the kids.  Two in the back seat in car seats, one of whom is clearly screaming.  WTF?  I'm going to give the benefit of the doubt and assume that was the nanny, and she was texting the parent to say that little Johnny was super ill and they were on the way to the doctor or something.  But sadly, I think that may have been someone answering a completely non-urgent text and ignoring a screaming kid while putting all of them in peril. 

When I learned to drive, we just drove the car.  There were no cell phones or car phones - OK, maybe there were those huge old school corded car phones, but teenagers certainly did not use them.  Our parents were concerned about how loud our music was, or how many kids were riding with us, as that could be a distraction.  Who knew that at some point we would be driving a virtual office?  And really, why is that necessary?  Are you so freaking important that you have to be inconstant contact with everyone?  Those texts and emails that you are surreptitiously looking at in the car are from the president?  Really?  Come on.  It's someone saying "LOL" or "C u in a few", or something equally as not necessary to see at that very second. 

I've seen at least one couple at the last few restaurants I have been to where they are both on their phones for the entire meal.  Not even looking at each other as they speak (and the speaking is limited too).  I almost scared the pants off of some teenager when I walked by him in the dark as he was going to the bus stop and I was walking the dog.  It was 6am and he was already engrossed in his phone.  By the time he realized I was there, I was literally 3 feet from him.  Imagine if I had any bad intentions.  Seriously.  People, this love affair with technology is making you vulnerable in so many ways, and is destroying relationships to boot.  Just put the thing down, look up, and pay attention.  To the task at hand. To the moment.  To your date.  To the stars in the clear dark early morning sky.  To anything but that damned screen.   

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