Saturday, October 20, 2012


The kids have been taking gymnastics classes since the summer.  They started in the same class, and then when the school year began, Peanut moved up to the 5-7 year old class (although there was much discussion and hubub trying to work out if it was OK to have a 5 year old who was not in kindergarten, but home schooled *ahem* in Kindergarten...join the class).  They both seem to enjoy it; I get to watch most of the class through a mirrored window in the gym.  Sometimes I even go out and run an errand or walk around the block. 

Last week was "Parents Day" for Peanut's class, and parents could come in for the last few minutes of the class to see the kids perform.  I was standing out in the hall with another mom, trying to figure out how we would know when it was time to head in - the gym is very crowded and confusing so it is hard to believe that the kids even know where to go.  So I see Peanut coming towards me with a huge smile!  She grabs my hand with both of hers and pulls me back into the gym with her, and we stand in front of her teacher.  I look in front of me, and there are several other girls in her class sitting on the floor, and I think "Huh.  Am I the only parent here?".  Then I realize that the other parents are standing just behind me and Peanut.  It's not that I am the only parent there - it's that I am the only parent whose kid wants to hold her parents hand.  And I am so blessed to be me. 

Please stay a child for as long as possible.  I always want to hold your hand, sweet Peanut. 

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