Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The New Babies

Our kids know that stores are places where people buy things, and the know that we are not going to every purchase everything (or anything for that matter) that they are drawn to as we shop.  We've routinely gone out and had folks comment on how amazing it is to see little kids walk past toys and dolls without a tantrum, saying "oh - someone else will buy that". 

So when Peanut discovered the American Girl catalog in the mail, we were a little wary, but not really concerned.  She and Pumpkin thought it was a book about babies for several days, and then someone spilled the beans.  Once she learned it was a store where you could actually see and purchase all of those beautiful girls and babies she was completely smitten.  The two of them spent the next several days discussing which baby they wanted ( they had narrowed it down to the babies rather than the girls - thank goodness since they are like half the price!) and making sure Honey and I were well aware of their wishes. 

At some point, Peanut began a campaign to convince Pumpkin to want a certain doll, clearly since she planned to do a friendly takeover once they got them home.  We were having none of that though, and nipped those discussions in the bud.  We did agree to go over to the store on Saturday to look at the babies, and I thought she would fly she was so excited to hear it. 

Honey and I discussed what we were willing to do, and decide that if each child wanted a baby doll, we would allow it.  I just hate being a lemming, and to me, this seems like a fad that "everyone does" just because.  It's like the Cabbage Patch kids when I was a kid, the Tickle me Elmo nonsense, and whatever other crazy stuff kids "have to have" every Christmas.  But, Peanut was truly excited, as was Pumpkin, and who are we to take that joy away from them?  It's not like we go out and cater to every commercial whim they have.  And babies are the be all end all for my little girl - she could play babies all day long.

So off to the store, and it really couldn't have been any more wonderful.  Peanut had brought one of her other babies, and as she said goodbye to her, she told her "When I come back, I'll bring you a new friend!".  Once in the store, She picked out her baby right away, and was beaming.  I asked Pumpkin if he was interested in one too or if he just wanted his sister to get one.  He clearly wanted his own baby and chose quickly.  We paid, went to dinner, and the kids had the babies out of the boxes in the car.  They snuggled them and played with them all the way home, the whole next morning, and every spare moment since then.  This is the first item that Pumpkin has allowed in his bed as a "lovey", and he cares for his new baby "Tiny" beautifully, changing her diaper, keeping her safe, taking her on walks, and introducing her to friends.  Peanut has named hers Emily Samantha, and has been very focused on her well being.  She has had a birthday, gone to the doctor, and has her own bedtime routines.  All in all, a purchase well worth making. 

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Glad the kids are happy with their new additions.