Monday, July 25, 2011

A Big Decision

being the "Princess and The Pea"
I'd do anything for this little person. 

So when after a few days of camp at the fabulous nature immersion Reggio Emilia based school I have been lusting after, we realized that she was happy, more excited, more creative and direct at home.  During camp, she was talking more with the people there in four days or so than with some folks she has known for years.  We had to lay it on the table.  This was an excellent match, and soon other things dropped into place to make this an unavoidable truth. 

The kids at camp did a lego project when it was boiling hot outside, and she talked about her creation for a full 4 minutes (it was recorded) while there were a lot of other conversations going on in the room.  There are lots of people who have never heard Peanut talk for this long.  Maybe not even more than one or two words at a time.  This is a big deal.  Then, after Honey dropped her off at camp on Friday, he told me it was "a really cool school!  I'd like to get a tour next time!".  Ummmm.....I have gone twice for an open house and waxed poetic about it.  When I mentioned this and asked him if he thought I was just getting excited about a regular school he said yup.  So - note to self - next time be more forceful with things that are awesome. 

We signed her up for another week of camp, and then sat down to discuss the future.  We talked with Peanut about her playgroup and homeschool preschool group, and how she felt about missing those things if she went to school.  She was fine with it all, and adamant that Pumpkin could do all of those things while she was a school and it would be just fine with her.  Wow.  After lots of pros and cons and questions and answers emailed back and forth from the school, we couldn't deny it.  We needed to send her. 

So life, it is shifting.  With a big change in our daily routine, lots of help and support from Peanut's grandma and goose (great grandma) as well as me adding some more hours at work, we are going to make this work.  How could we not?

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That's a great pic of your little girl at the top of this post.

Laurie said...

Thanks Shawn! I'm partial to those eyes :)