Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thank You

I haven't written about gratitude in a long time. It seems that I ought to, as it is something I am working towards incorporating into my daily life. I do understand why I haven't written too much as it's been hard for me to express gratitude. Like everything, I continue to learn and grow. So here we are.

It's relatively easy being grateful for the wonderful things in life. Husband, children, lovely home, the ability to choose work...the list goes on and on. I am blessed for sure. You just smile, say thank you, and go on about your day. It's harder I have found to be grateful for things that on the surface seem like they are hurting your life. But really, that is what it's all about - learning from failures, mistakes, crummy relationships,your kids temper tantrums, overbearing (or incompetent)'s all for good. All of the valleys, if you use them to your advantage and really take a minute to reflect upon them, are there to help you grow.

So thank you for providing an opportunity for me to become a better me. Thank you for the chance to reflect upon the words that come out of my mouth and consider how they will be received. Thank you for the lump in my throat, the tear in my eye, the clench of my jaw that alerts me to my inner issues that need to be examined. Thank you for each and every part of my life that has brought me to this place today. I am grateful.

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