Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Books, Books, and More Books!

At any given moment I am probably reading around six books.  I've always been a voracious reader, and love to not only lose myself in a good novel, but love to learn new things from books as well.  I'm in a book club that has been meeting every month for about 15 years - yes, that's 15 YEARS.  It all started as an excuse to drink wine and eat cheese, and we surprised ourselves with how much we had to talk about related to the book.  Our one rule for the book club is that the picks must be fiction, so I have to do my non fiction reading on my own time.  Anyone who knows me knows that I'll often say "I read somewhere..." in response to almost anything.  Base don one book recommendation, I'll read all of the other titles by that author and then the books they recommend as well.  And so it goes. At least I've switched over to mainly library books, as it was getting pricy to be a bookworm.  I've been getting some books on as well.  I am a little curious about Honey's Nook though, and even though I said I'd never use one since I like the feel of a book, I'll admit that it is really cool.  So anyway, I thought it might be fun to see what is currently on my nightstand... What are you reading right now?

Usually the ones on the top are current reads - I'm probably part way through 3 of these right now and finished with the one on top - The Postmistress - since it is a bookclub book and we meet tomorrow.

Front of the middle shelf - stuff I have started and put down, or know that there is something I want to reference for Carrots Love Tomatoes

These are in the back of the middle shelf - reference books, magazines, books borrowed from others...
More reference books - with a small person's foot on them :)

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AnnaBanana said...

Love seeing your stack! I always swear after reading your blog posts that we are long lost sisters. Try as I might to read one book at a time I am always reading 6 at a time and mostly non fiction too! I also love Julie lodge sterns books as well ;)